Feb 20, 2010

Updates: Haiti, Health, Giveaway Info!

Haiti: thanks to you kind buyers out there, through my jewelry sales i have been able to donate $50 to the Red Cross Haiti relief fund! on top of what i have donated personally as well. this is a wonderful thing.

Health: for now i regret that i must put my charity on hold due to medical complications. this really sucks, but health food is so expensive i can barely afford what i need from week to week. *sigh* i live in NYC, one of the most expensive cities in the country. it is routine for the middle class here to have to choose between paying rent or eating well, not to mention feeding an autistic child. even health care here is terrible, as negligent doctors have left me in worse shape than how i began months ago. come on, Obama, time to kick some congress butt!!! i had to travel to Wisconsin to see my midwife from the Madison Birth Center, who has been able to help me through various health crises over the years - more so than any MD on the east coast, that's for sure. she took more time with me in one visit than all of my local doctors have in the last 6 months combined. there is something seriously wrong with this city.

Giveaway Info: a super awesome blog, Smart and Trendy Moms, is having a month long giveaway starting March 1 and ending April 1 (no kidding!). check out the list of sponsors, there will be a LOT of free goodies there, and who doesn't like that? i mean, really, in this fay and age of paying thru the nose for your basics, it's nice to win a treat every now and then too! thanks to STM for hosting this awesome giveaway!