Jan 15, 2010

my heart breaks with them all - oh Haiti

oh my, my heart breaks so deeply with the news of what's happened in Haiti.how i wish i could take away all the pain, somehow hold people in my heart and  keep them there in a safe womb of peace and quiet, somehow hoping that it will all be ok... how i wish... how i wish i could be in Haiti to help, just to do something, i feel so impotent!! all i can do is create and type (and hope Pat Robertson would just crawl back into Lucifer's pungent orifices like the raging evil hemorrhoid he is), but i have zero money right now. i'm hoping i can donate clothes and food that i DO have, but so far, all organizations are asking for funds.

the only thing i CAN do is that i will send the Red Cross money i make if i sell my jewelry. for EVERY PURCHASE in my store, i will send 50% of what i make to the Red Cross. i would send more, but i have some serious health issues right now and can't even buy the medicines i need to get better.

if i do sell some of the higher priced items, i will try to donate more, however. things are really bad economically with me but nowhere near as bad as Haiti. i don't need it as much as they (just enough to cover my meds!).

i will send any buyers a confirmation to let them know that their money went to a good place (or two - i count too!).

thank you all, and i hope you are all doing well in the new year.

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