Nov 23, 2009

holiday promos by fellow artists!

as a fellow crafter and quasi-closeted socialist, i am moved to help promote other handy dandies out there with their giveaways. so much so that i am willing to fight Blogger in order to somehow make a nice list for my readers to peruse and dig into. i already have, and will continue to do so! so keep in mind as you read these - i am your competition for all these goodies. muahahahaaaaa! yum. if you are a fellow crafter with an awesome giveaway you want to promote, please comment on here and let me know! 

now without further ado:

Win One Free Year of Soap!! This deal is so tasty that whoever wins it might be tempted to eat themselves with glee. Handcrafted Soap by DeShawn Marie is offering this promo on their blog, and adding entries to their giveaway if you help spread the word about it, AND their monthly soap club. Don't forget to comment on their blog to link to your posting and let them know you're helping them out! The more you tweet, follow, link, and promote, the more entries you get!

Free earrings giveaway! Divine3 Designs, a beautiful handcrafted jewelry artist, is giving away a pair of delightful sterling silver and pearl earrings (please see pic), and the details of how you can enter can be found on their blog!

No, they are not really cupcakes - these are bath fizzies!!! Bath fizzies!! BATH!! FIZZIES!!! In other words, food for your skin and your soul. Made by Dirty Laundry, a multi-talented crafter who also sews fabulous garb. The details for entering this awesome giveaway are on their blog. Help her promote, so she will do more of these giveaways - it is for the good of all!!


Sara Valor said...

Hi, DeShawn Marie's Handmade soaps sound divine! Nice blog, following your blog now! Come visit!

Jeanee said...
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Jeanee said...

Thanks for posting my giveaway!