Nov 14, 2009

rings and things

oh my god, this Blogger website is retarded. i've been updating photos and uploading into default Blogger web albums, and for some reason, i cannot directly link to them THRU Blogger. i really wish i could bitch slap some people upside the head. so many deserving folk go unabused. yes, i am a chipper crafter. well, flaming bling comes with an equally flaming attitude - touche!

so without further ado, these are some pics of some of my cocktail rings that have been recently listed on my Etsy page. i am working on listing on another site, 1000Markets, but have not yet been approved. i have different rings listed on there than on the Etsy site, to avoid possible redundancies. believe me, i cannot re-create these rings, tho i can aim to make similar ones - maybe! i make a lot of these with whatever fabulous odds'n'ends beads i have left.

now i must spend the rest of my day networking on Twitter, this blog, Etsy, and other jewelry websites. because this is my full time, currently non-paying job, for which i neglect my kid and hubby! hey, at least jewelry doesn't sass back and throw stuff. ugh. humans.

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